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Leading marketing innovation and sales success
for natural and specialty food & beverage brands


A Partnership of Trust


Committed to your Brand’s Success


We are a partnership of natural and specialty food and beverage experts and entrepreneurs with track records of success. We formed Root to Market to share our experience to help emerging natural and specialty food and beverage brands succeed in the marketplace.



We put you on the map.

We’re all about having the right business strategies to take your brand to market and keep it there! We know how to go from 0 > 60 fast, how to grow sales and demand for your products, and how to create long-term value for your brand.


We’re connected.

Through our extensive networks, we are armed with an arsenal of contacts that will help you to gain access to the markets and relationships that you need to grow your business.


We’re smart and intuitive.

And we’ve got decades of practical knowledge and insight that will help you to make better business decisions and stay on track in even the most challenging retail environments.


We’re focused.

We work with a few select clients at a time. We dedicate our resources to your business so that you get exactly what you need when you need it. We believe that the best return on investment is your brand’s success!

Leadership & Expertise

For short- or long-term projects or retainer-based assignments, Root to Market consultants partner with your team to guide the development and implementation of your plans – from concept to market execution, or any phase along the way. We help you to build the organization, infrastructure and relationships that you need for the future success of your brand and business.


Pamela Gettinger Tucker

Pamela acquired her entrepreneurial chops when she founded Friuli Sorbet, Inc. and launched an award-winning brand. Since then, she has further honed her marketing and business strategy skills with start-ups and at Fortune 100 companies. With over twenty years of experience, Pamela is expert in discovering, defining and exploiting the value in a brand or business and leveraging that brand’s intrinsic value into commercial success.

Ed Newman

While at Snapple Beverage Corporation, Ed saw the brand from its initial consumer introduction through the ultimate sale to Quaker Oats – a $1.7 billion deal! The Snapple acquisition earned Ed the reputation as a beverage sales guru, and landed him in key positions at Seagrams, Nestle and Del Monte Foods. After thirty plus years, Ed is now sharing his CPG expertise with emerging and growing brands, sharing with them his thorough understanding of start-ups, and the paths to sustained growth or acquisition.

Barbara Amoia

Barbara has an extensive record of achievement in the management of corporate supply chain operations in the food & beverage industry. Her expertise is in logistics, procurement, and distribution of raw materials and finished goods, including co-packer, company-owned manufacturing, eCommerce fulfillment, and contract manufacturing environments. Barb has held senior positions in logistics and operations at Rao’s Specialty Foods, Barrie House Coffee Company, New Leaf Iced Tea and Iceland Spring Water. Most recently Barb has focused her expertise on plant-based startups.

Root to Market Consulting

Just what you need
when you need it

Root To Market partners join your team for a period of time in leadership roles to help you build the organization you need to be successful in the marketplace — from aligning your existing organization with your mission, vision and goals to planning and executing strategies for increasing market share, engagement and brand equity.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • QA & Compliance
  • Benchmarking
    & Decision-Making
  • Due Diligence

Root to Market’s proprietary B3O ServicesBrand-Building & Back Office — are the perfect outsourced solution for many of your essential business needs. Working directly with us, or with our affiliate partners, Root to Market provides these services on a contract, project, or hourly basis depending on your needs.

  • Customer Set Up
  • Promotions Planning
  • Demo Coordination
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Merchandising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Certifications & Trade Applications
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Trade Show Planning
  • Deductions Reconciliation


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